refrigeratorbucky: refrigeratorbucky: “tony stark is spiderman homecoming’s real villain” imagine…



“tony stark is spiderman homecoming’s real villain”

imagine being so stupid you misunderstand the entire point of toomes’ arc and somehow blame tony stark for a man becoming an arms trafficker, like yikes sorry but toomes IS responsible for his own actions, no one held a gun to his head and went “sell weapons illegally” im ???? baffled????

imagine thinking that in an entire movie dedicated to setting up a mentor relationship between tony and peter that tony stark is Ultimately the Villain im fucking ???? 

imagine thinking that in a movie where peter parker is our central protagonist, who adores iron man and wants to be like him, that tony stark is the “real villain”

imagine thinking that toomes, a man who chose willingly to become an arms trafficker is somehow a better man than tony stark, a man who was ignorant and unaware of the corruption in his company (at the hands of stane, may i point out) and who did his utmost to make up for this, including immediately shutting down weapons manufacturing at his company??? im ??????

imagine that in a movie where toomes is literally meant to mirror tony, only to ultimately fall where tony rose, where toomes is literally a character foil to emphasise the hero tony became vs the villain toomes became, that the ultimate villain….is tony,,,, im , , ,, ,speechless

Are these the same people who blame Tony for Obadiah turning evil? I have read a meta about how the fact he had to deal with Tony made him become evil so it was Tony’s fault.

People have their bias & personal likes and understand (sic) the movie according to them. It’s kinda hypocritical, but there you have it. Fandom/s in a nutshell.