capntony: tony/pepper + body language and consent there’s been a…


tony/pepper + body language and consent

there’s been a lot of talk around the fandom about tony “forcing” the first kiss between him and pepper. the scenes are giffed above. while tony looks to have kissed her mid-sentence, it’s quite obvious in the way pepper pulls him in immediately that it’s extremely consensual and desired. throughout their relationship, it’s usually pepper initiating their romantic conquests. requesting kisses, flirting openly, and suggesting they shower together. they’re all clear signs of a woman who not only loves and cares for her significant other, but desires them sexually. none of these scenes portray tony as her aggressor, or tony forcing her into anything she doesn’t want to do. in their relationship, tony willingly allows her to maneuver their relationship as she pleases. it’s all about whatever pepper wants because he loves her so much. she’s one of the few people that tony trusts/allows to make decisions for him. they’re muted, very passionate dynamic isn’t visible to the naked eye, but if you open your eyes and take a look at the gifs above, you’ll see that tony and pepper love and respect each other very much. and there has never been an instance where either party has forced themselves on one another. furthermore, their breakups and reconciliations are proof that they’re a functioning, realistic relationship. neither bend their ethics/morality for the sake of the other. they both work through their problems, take healthy breaks as needed, and come back together when they’re on the same page. most movies/media forces you into thinking that true love is eternal and without it’s ups and downs and hangups. tony and pepper are the true embodiment of what true love looks like. it’s not always easy, it’s not always endless support. it’s about loving and understanding one another and growing together. that’s what tony and pepper have done throughout the marvel cinematic universe.