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I’ve watched this piece countless times now. I’ve slowed it down. Sped it up. Paused it. Screengrabbed and expanded it and I still think what I thought on my first watch. My gut tells me that this isn’t Tony in the suit.

It isn’t just the body type (hips too narrow/gait of walk off/and man, that really does not look like Downey’s ass). It’s the left hand. 

By now Tony has been Iron Man for ten plus years. The raising of his hand to fire the repuslor is beyond automatic. It is bone deep. It is muscle memory. The armor is part of him. He literally does it in his sleep in IM3. There is no way that Tony Stark, the man who fought Thor, who took on two super soldiers at once without even a second thought is going to suddenly forget how to plant his feet and raise his hand. Tony Stark never backed down from a fight in his life. Even as they were torturing him in the cave he remained defiant and fought back.

Tony isn’t the only person on that planet Peter (parker) is up there with him. 

And if that is Tony in that shot, then Marvel threw character out the window and fucked up big time. 

But I honestly, truly think that isn’t Tony in that armor.


This is just an idea. I read what you wrote over and over again and I can picture Peter getting the Ironman suit in some kind of way. May it be because Tony gave it to him for protection or he snatched it to protect someone else. Either way, it’s scary. Picturing Peter standing there, trying his best to protect someone, to hold his stance and hold up Thanos in any way to further hurt his friends, his family. But he is already exhousted and all Thanos needs to do is punch him once and the kid is knocked out.

Adding to own original post:

I don’t think it’s Peter. At this point Parker looks to be wearing the Iron Spider. The suit in this shot is not the Iron Spider. If Peter is in the Iron Spider, he wouldn’t need to put on Tony’s suit. 

I’m still utterly convinced that it isn’t Tony in it though. Upon further review of the shot, and continuing on to the shot of Tony holding someones hand, I’m fairly certain (like 85%), going off of body size and mannerisms, that that shot iis of Pepper in the Rescue suit. The death or grievous bodily injury of Pepper would be a definite impetus for Tony to push forward to defeat Thanos and at this point, with all the bullshit the MCU has put Tony through and done (ill-advisedly imo) to the character, Tony Stark needs a push to end his character on the right note.

Either way though, Peter or Pepper, it’s not Tony in that suit.