My dear Tony Stark haters:(Especially those that have been…

My dear Tony Stark haters:

(Especially those that have been scrawling on posts like a child who has been given a 64 color box of crayons and those inviting themselves into my inbox):

I’ve been reliably informed that a couple of my ‘Tony is a hero’ type posts have been getting a lot of anti Tony hate on them. I have also received a feckton of anon Tony hate since the trailer came out. My answer to this? Let’s start where all good stories start shall we children? At the beginning.

In the beginning, the iron man fandom was small. Mostly it was some comic readers and a few fans of the , then burgeoning, MCU. It was fun, there were honest debates of meta, sure people got pissed off but nothing like the bullying insanity we see today in this fandom.

I have had this blog for six years now and for the past five years it has been a solely Tony Stark blog. Remember that as we go on. I have lived through Iron Man 2. The great Iron Man 3 division. The first Avengers, a movie which saw such an influx of newbies to the fandom that I thought we should maybe be handing out guidebooks. The absolute debacle of Age of Ultron, about which the least said the better. And then? And then to the jewel in the fandom bullshit crown: Civil War.

Remember when I said I have had the blog as a sole Stark blog for five years? In five years I have seen/read/watched/listen to and rolled my eyes at all the bullshit and hate that can be thrown at a blog runner. And yet? Five years later? Still here. Still think that Tony Stark is hot ass, empathetic, bamf hero. What does that tell you? It tells you this:

If you want to spew hate all over my posts? Knock yourself out. You look like the idiot, not me.My only reply to you will be to block you.  If you want to send anon hate to my inbox? Doors open.  Just don’t expect me to take time out of my day to answer you.

tldr: version:

I seriously, and honestly, do not give singular, shiny, hot rod red, iron fuck about you and your Tony Stark hate.

You all have a good day.



Tony knew, even before that first flight, he knew he had to go…

Tony knew, even before that first flight, he knew he had to go higher, faster, stronger and most importantly further. He knew even before the Battle for New York.  Even before Nick Fury arrived like a wraith from the shadows and tried to sweet talk Tony into ‘an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people’. Tony knew even before he spent three months in that cave. 

In the original Iron Man, in one of the first scenes, we see Tony’s bedroom. The most private and intimate room in his home. And in that room we see not photos of Tony’s parents, not images or mementos of his past but an eye to the future. A telescope looking over the ocean to portals that Tony has yet to see.

Because., as Clint so mockingly tells us in Civil War, Tony is a futurist. He sees and plans for events that others cannot conceive of. And he will plan and he will protect. Even though those whom he is planning for and designing protection for will scoff and scorn. Because this is his family and even when Tony can’t physically see the future, he knows it is coming and has known, albeit perhaps unconsciously, for a very long time.