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Iron Man 2 missing scene

Famous heart surgeon’s
office. X-rays of Tony’s torso are laid out on the desk. Tony toys with his Rolex watch,
doesn’t look up once.

HEART SURGEON (poking at the files)

It’s as I said, Mr.
Stark: it’s impossible to remove the reactor without damaging your heart beyond
repair, the shrapnel is lodged way too close to the left coronal artery. You’d die
on the operating table. It’s a damn miracle you survived that first operation, that
doctor of yours must have been a true wizard.


He had very steady


Of course, if you
could replace the Palladium with something that doesn’t combust, it’d put an
end to your problem. But I’m no engineer.

TONY STARK (resetting the watch)

How long is left?


Three months. Four
months, tops. Palladium poisoning is very deadly. There’s some medication I can
prescribe you to alleviate the pain if you want.

TONY STARK (with a little hand wave)

Sure, sure. Gimme all
the good stuff.

SURGEON (embarassed, but expectant)

Also, it’s a
bit…weird to ask, but…would you mind donating your body to our institute
after you’re, ehm, gone? Body modifications as heavy as yours are so rare, and it
would be such a valuable input to…

TONY STARK (shoots him a long look and nods after a beat, then wanders off, drumming on his arc reactor)

SURGEON (calling after him)

Best of luck Mr.

Watch ticks and ticks.

Ticking of the watch
blends over into heavy metal music. In the limo. Tony lies on the backseat, washes
down meds with alcohol, stares at the glass of scotch resting on his belly.

TONY STARK (casually)

Hey, Happy? Which of
my car d’you like best?

HAPPY HOGAN (over his shoulder)

That’s a hard one,
boss! Eh, well, the R8 is a thing of beauty, but I think I’d pick the Saleen.
The noises that car makes! But in silver, orange isn’t really my thing. Why’d
you ask, boss?

TONY STARK (removes his watch and puts it in his pocket)

Just curious! Let‘s get us to the airport as fast as we can, ok?

to some random point
later in the movie: Saleen S7 in the background, now painted a gleaming silver

Photos: https://radiopaedia.org/cases/chest-x-ray-of-tony-stark-iron-man