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Tony Stark belongs to the stars and Steve Rogers belongs to the sea.

I LOVE THIS CONCEPT because when both of them sacrificed their lives and “died”, the sea and stars would have been their respective final resting places. Steve in the ocean, and Tony amongst the stars. 

But I think it also works really well as an analogy for who they are. Steve Rogers as the embodiment of a calm, cool and collected facade that can turn into a raging stormy sea at the drop of a hat. He’s all about that emotional repression, but right underneath the surface you have TURMOIL, LIFE and ACTIVITY and this whole other world to which only a few are privy. Steve Rogers is the shift of undersea tectonic plates; he is the eruption of underwater volcanoes creating tsunamis but also new islands. The ocean is a force of nature, volatile and dangerous, but is simultaneously the cradle of life; Steve Rogers is the balance of a fighter, a soldier, but also a protector and defender. Steve Rogers is the violent crash of waves across a rocky shore, the force which breaks down rock into sediment and sand. He is every sandcastle and every beach dreamed up by a child. Mankind has no claim over the ocean; it is what it is, it goes where it wills and bows to no person, no nation. What do borders and artificial boundaries mean to the currents of the ocean? The ocean will drown armies and flood cities, but also nurture communities and support the burden of every living thing on Earth. All roads and rivers lead back to the ocean. Steve Rogers is the terrifying loneliness of shark infested waters; Steve Rogers is the warmth of caribbean waters and coral reefs. The ocean is all azure blue waters, and according to Tony Stark, Steve Rogers is all azure blue eyes. 

And Tony Stark belongs to the stars, to space, to infinity. Every stride in human progress has led us towards the stars; every innovation, every curiosity, every development has brought us one step closer to exploring this greatest unknown. Tony Stark is the human embodiment of this innovative spirit and determination. To boldly go indeed. Tony Stark is the crushing silence and desolation of space; Tony Stark is the howl of solar winds and the binding, inescapable, force of gravity holding us all together. He is made of light and illusion; he is the stars that shine from billions of lightyears away, who have already gone supernova, who simultaneously exist and don’t. Tony Stark is the terrifying chaos and collision of the universe, of roiling galaxies and stars orbiting black holes. He is the safety of the infinitely ephemeral balance we have struck within this universe, allowing us to exist and thrive and ensure that life, always, always finds a way. Tony Stark is the iron, the heavy metals, forged in the core of the oldest stars. The metals that burned up the fuels of these stars and caused them to die; the metals that make possible all life on Earth. Tony Stark is how sometimes the spaces and darkness between stars, are as compelling as the stars themselves. 

And because they complement each other so well: Steve Rogers is the ocean that captures and refracts the light of a thousand stars; he is the water that holds and reflects all of the sky. Tony Stark is how the sky sometimes disappears into the ocean, how the sun looks as if it rises from and sets into still waters. All life on Earth came from the oceans. All life on Earth originated amongst the stars.

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