If it is Parker in the suit, it would be an excellent use of mirroring Tony’s hand position when Steve brings down the shield in CW. Kind of a dark twist on “I want to be just like you.”

Exactly! That’s what I thought too.

I was also thinking that maybe that scene on the planet isn’t real. I mean Loki is in this right? And we don’t know what hold Thanos may still have over him. If Loki (or whomever has that glow stick of destiny gem) has mind whammed Tony like the Witch did (or does again depending on her stability in this movie)? Then maybe what Tony is seeing isn’t real. It’s just a worst nightmare situation. Because honestly? That scene with Wanda where Vision is all human looking? That just smacks of House of M to me. 

Plus, there is no way anyone, with maybe the exception of the Surfer is going to still be breathing and alive after Thanos bitch slaps them like that. I don’t care how good the armor is.

So yeah, TL:DR

IMO: That’s not Tony in the suit and everything we see in the trailer (or saw at SDCC) is a House of M style mind fuck.