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Extremis Armor –  Iron Man Armor Model 29

Iron Man: Extremis #1.5 (2010) “Wired directly into my brain, I control the Iron Man with thought, like it was another limb…. Iron Man, inside and out.”

Who can forget Tony Stark injecting himself with the Extremis virus, turning him into Iron Man inside and out. This resulted in Tony being hacked, but made him a tougher component in the Civil War. Regardless he became Director of S.H.I.E.L.D fighting the side effects Extremis had on his mental health. Choices led him to battling the Hulk with his Hulkbuster armor & battling the Mandarin.

While Invincible Iron Man resulted in the famous Tony Stark wiping his mind which happily put him into a coma. This event of rebooting his mind birthed his arc reactor and upgrading Extremis to the Bleeding Edge armor, a fan favourite! Fear Itself arc led to Tony getting an Odin enchanted armor, visiting Asgard & even taking on Odin himself. Also he had a fling with Pepper AND once again had his mind controlled by the Mandarin.

The extremis armor used vectored repulsor fields to tessellate its ‘memory metal’ design. The armor formed over a gold under-sheath produced by Stark’s own body. The under-sheath’s regenerative systems could repair damage to wearer or armor.

Due to Extremis, Stark’s mind could now directly access satellite networks, security systems, and other digital technologies. The armor could be piloted remotely, even simultaneously with several other models in the field.


  • Repulsors were potent and had an additional “full form” version for multi-directional attacks.
  • Standard weaponry such as the uni-beam, pulse bolts, and sonics were intact. – Explosive “micro-munitions” were launched from the gauntlets.
  • The armor had a degree of adaptability to support and protect the wearer. A neural net could counteract or adopt similar effects to superhuman powers.
  • Shields or “deflectors” could be raised for additional defense.
  • The armor could maintain a cloaking effect.
  • Flight was now largely handed by small arrays throughout the suit; boots still contained turbines. The armor has reached speeds in excess of Mach 8
  • A “gravity grip” produced by the gloves and soles could be produced for climbing surfaces or for anchoring.
  • A version of this armor possessed time-travelling technology based on Doctor Doom’s Time Platform.
  • The armor may have had other systems yet to be revealed.
  • It was also extremely difficult to operate without the aid of the Extremis drug, described by Stark as being “like trying to fly six stealth bombers at once”

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