RDJ is a precious gift we haven’t earned

You know, the fave certainly IS a gift. That becomes clearer to me since I’ve had the privilege of attending several events where he’s been present, from private charity events and public appearances in the L.A. area to Marvel movie red carpets to yesterday’s “Our Town” reading in Atlanta.  He has such a good and positive attitude about his fans – whenever he has a chance, he WILL come over and greet the fans and sign autographs. Especially for kids, but really for everyone. Last night in Atlanta, for example: he didn’t gain any extra media attention for coming over to the fans lining the sidewalk and signing autographs. He did it for us. He didn’t have to – no one else did.  There was no media – they didn’t credential any press outlets, because it was a charity event and none of the actors wanted publicity for themselves.

The fans had been getting pushed further and further back and away from the stage door all afternoon (I had arrived around 1pm, and found some people there who’d been waiting since early that morning. A crush of fans showed up, too, in the hour or so just before the doors to the theater opened to the public.) So there were possibly around 100 fans there by the time the stars started arriving.  ALL the stars went right inside via the stage door – except one. RDJ got out of his car and jogged right over to the fans, talking to everyone as he worked his way down the line signing posters, Funko figures, Iron Man masks and, oh, my LAX -> ATL plane ticket (I was scrounging in my purse for my theater ticket, but the only thing I could come up with was my plane ticket. So.. (”Oh, this is a real plane ticket.  At least I THINK IT IS,” he joked.) 

Such positive energy radiates off him. I think doing the fan interaction is in some ways his method of giving back – this is a guy who was down for so long, and although he did some great roles at the time, he was in a world of self-inflicted hurt. So he remembers that the fan support for him has never wavered. Even at his lowest, his fans supported him and really prayed for his recovery – no one ever blamed him (because addiction is an illness) and we all had nothing but positive thoughts that somehow he would get better.  No one ever expected the magnitude of stardom he would achieve once the spectre of addiction was removed.

But he hasn’t forgotten.

itsallavengers: Oh & before I go uhhhhh Full Offense but people saying Tony got his ass handed…


Oh & before I go uhhhhh Full Offense but people saying Tony got his ass handed to him in CW are literally Laughably Incorrect I mean. Have you Literally Seen Tony Working In Any Other Movies Ever.

Yall…..really think ….. Tony wanted them dead….when he had 19900 chances to kill both of them and took Exactly 0. He could have just blown the bunker. Could have used those ^ shoulder missiles.

Could have just cut straight fuckin through them like he did to 40+ drones.

Homeboy got an arsenal that can send a God into submission And Yet the debate over whether tony was going in for the kill is still and issue?


I’m not even gonna explain this y’all know how easy a snapped neck would be here.

And even here – putting his hands over his own face bc he thinks Steve is gonna try and kill him- He DOES NOT FIRE his clearly live repulsors. TONY STARK WAS HOLDING BACK THROUGHOUT THAT ENTIRE FIGHT! He did not ‘get his ass handed to him’. My mans served his own heavily traumatised ass up on a platter and said ‘here dudes lemme even the playing field a lil bit for u’. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!

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His advantage, my injury. My advantage, his rage.

Sherlock Holmes in this sequence – on the balcony at Reichenbach – has dropped all pretense of joking, shedding his Trickster persona and becoming his true self, the Detective, all business. He’s filled with horror at what Moriarty has planned, and he KNOWS he will probably have to die to stop Moriarty from murdering John and Mary Watson and, oh, yes, stop the terrible war, or at least delay it. It’s all seriousness now, and Holmes attains a sort of magisterial splendor, centering himself, calculating the odds. Both Downey and Harris play this sequence to perfection – ah, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” is such an underrated movie! It is made with such deep love for the Sherlockian canon, and it deserves far more study and attention.

(Although, to be fair, “Game of Shadows” and its predecessor are the most popular Sherlock Holmes movies in history, having made more than a billion dollars worldwide – which is part of the reason they tend to be underrated. Popular “blockbuster” movies tend to get short shrift from critics and academe, and that’s both unfair and a missed opportunity for assessment and study.)  

What kills me about this scene is Holmes had flat-out warned Moriarty he was willing to go this far when they first talked chess in Moriarity’s study. Moriarty tried to warn Holmes off, saying “Rest assured, if you attempt to bring destruction down upon me, I shall do the same to you.”  And Holmes tells him straight up, “If I were assured of the former eventuality, I would cheerfully accept the latter.”

Moriarty’s fatal mistake was in not remembering or maybe believing how dead fucking serious Holmes was about that. In the chess game above the falls, the only way to win was to fully commit your king.     

Moriarty, full of himself as only a true sociopath can be, never truly grasped the concept that he might lose. He might be CAUGHT, and that would have been uncomfortable for him, but he never once thought he would LOSE. Very different things.

His greatest mistake was thinking that being CAUGHT was the worst that could happen. Because he could buy his way out of that, or resort to other skulduggery. Being CAUGHT wouldn’t stop him. Not for long.

Holmes, while fully as brilliant, was viscerally reminded of the possibility of LOSING when Moriarty fooled him at the opera, leaving the opening for the bomb blast and Meinhard assassination. He knew he’d allowed his ego to blind him, and he vowed not to do so again. It had cost all those innocent lives to cover the one murder. He says as much when he tells Watson and Simza that, due to his error before, he was forced to gather more proof before acting on his intuitions.

So to Holmes, it was entirely possible that, despite his brilliance, he might LOSE, and if he did, the whole world would suffer. And Watson and Mary, which he would not allow. (Sidebar: say what you will about Holmes’ opinion of Mary, but he trusted her to break Moriarty’s code with the use of his little red book, which means he values her intelligence and integrity, which is a pretty fucking high compliment. He didn’t send the book to Lestrade, after all.)

So when it came right down to it, Moriarty was caught so off-guard because he could not see the possibility of losing, where Holmes knew that, since loss was entirely possible and would lead to the destruction of everything he held dear, he knew his own (probable) death was the only way to truly win. Death, after all, didn’t worry him. Loss, in the form of misery to humanity and his friends, was infinitely less tolerable to him.

So Holmes won. However he had to.

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Read vitals

okay but,,,

 the fear and desperate look in his eyes in the first gif as he commands friday to read rhodey’s vitals

the second gif where he sucks in his breath, waiting – for what might have felt like an eternity but was really not even 2 seconds – for friday to read his vitals and to tell him that rhodey is gonna be okay. 

and the breath of relief in the third gif as friday detects a heartbeat.

then a mix of relief, fear, and slight anger in the fourth gif as he realises how close he just came to losing rhodey.

and then finally, the fifth, gratitude to every god he doesn’t believe in that he didn’t lose his best friend.

This. This is why he blasted Sam Wilson. He was emotionally comprised because for a second he thought his best friend fucking died and then a guy from the group of people that they were just fighting tries to come near Rhodey – it was instinct. It was an instinctive need to protect Rhodey that made him blast Sam away, because let’s be real, if he really wanted to hurt, maim or kill Sam, he’d leave the airport in a body bag.

Indeed. And storytelling-wise his emotional reaction to trauma here foreshadows his attack on Bucky and Steve later on the same movie.



#THIS IS EVERYTHING MY BODY LANGUAGE OBSESSED ASS ALWAYS WANTED#the difference between deliberately defiant#(shoulders back exposed chest#in the second one he pockets his hands MY GOD#that’s just STANDARD ‘if you think your hands will denounce unsteadiness; hide them without compromising chest openness’#it’s STRAIGHT UP BUSINESS BODY LANGUAGE STRATEGY)#vs defensivess#(FOLDED ARMS#F O L D E D ARMS there is LITERALLY no higher defensiveness body language tell in the universe)#HE GAVE ME BOTH!! IN THE SAME SCENE!!#TWO FUCKING TIMES#IN THE SAME FUCKING MOVIE I’m gonna die#by the way HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT HOW MANY TIMES TONY FOLDED HIS ARMS IN RESPONSE TO HOWARD OR A GENERAL FATHER REFERENCE#HINT#HE DID IT IN ALL GOD DAMN THREE IRON MAN MOVIES 

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